CardioComm Solutions announces distribution and co-marketing agreement for the sale of Braemar wireless event devices utilizing GEMS™ WIN software

Global agreement will provide new hardware wireless device options for GEMS™ WIN clients.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:EKG) (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”) a global medical provider of electrocardiogram (“ECG”) acquisition and management software solutions, today announced it has entered into a three year renewable, non-exclusive, co-marketing and distribution agreement with Minneapolis based Braemar Manufacturing Ltd., a BioTelemetry company.

Under the agreement, the parties will collaborate to develop and execute on business opportunities in the GSM based wireless ECG event/arrhythmia monitoring market globally. CardioComm Solutions develops and distributes GEMS™ WIN and GEMS™ AIR ECG software management technologies for use in the ambulatory monitoring of patients, to independent diagnostic testing facilities, hospitals and clinic groups. Braemar engineers, manufactures and sells non-invasive, transtelephonic and GSM enabled wireless ECG recording and arrhythmia detection cardiac monitors. CardioComm Solutions expects to benefit from increased sales of its GEMS™ WIN software and from customers upgrading their license to include GEMS™ AIR. Additionally, CardioComm Solutions will be provided a per-device fee for sales that are derived though CardioComm Solutions sales leads.

The ambulatory ECG monitoring market is moving towards GSM based transmission of data as traditional analogue telephone services are replaced with digital telecommunications solutions. Also, the capacity for real-time, automatic detection and transmission of data offered by digital GSM enabled ECG monitors increases the monitoring surveillance efficacy for those patients experiencing arrhythmias that occur without symptoms, symptoms that occur during sleep or when a cardiac arrhythmia renders a monitored patient unconscious. Accordingly, the demand for new hardware and software solutions to support this digital device ECG monitoring market is increasing.

CardioComm Solutions recently released its GEMS™ (Global ECG Management Solution) WIN software upgrade to the arrhythmia monitoring market. The GEMS™ WIN family of products is a Windows 7 and Server 2008 compatible version of the Company’s FDA cleared, Health Canada approved and CE Marked ECG management software and includes a module (GEMS™ AIR) that enables the use of the Braemar digital wireless event recorders.

The combination of the device and software digital technologies is expected to provide a unique and differentiated offering to the ECG surveillance markets globally. GEMS™ WIN will also allow continued support of legacy analogue devices from a large number of manufactures should customers still be maintaining analogue ECG file transfer systems.

The two companies will work together to identify sales opportunities where existing GEMS™ clients wish to expand their services to use new digital devices and where current Braemar customers require ECG software solutions that are GEMSTM WIN and Server 2008 compatible. CardioComm Solutions will provide GEMS™ WIN and GEMS™ AIR sales, training and ongoing customer software support while Braemar will provide ongoing the hardware necessary for wireless connectivity, and related warranty and maintenance and customer support relevant to their technologies.

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